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Payout Percentages

Playing in a Land Based Casino is an incredible experience, however all those luxuries come at a cost. Land Based Casinos incur significant running costs to furnish, staff and maintain their prestigious premises.

At iNetBet we operate solely online and so we pass these savings directly to you by offering significantly better odds and payouts than you will find anywhere offline.

The following data was obtained from the Casino Journal. (Although the actual pay out varies depending on the denomination of the slot game, we are using the averages for this comparison.)

State: Slots Table *Average
Payout: Payout: Payout:
Nevada 94.65% 84.81% 90.71%
Colorado 94.37% 80.86% 88.96%
Illinois 93.97% 82.86% 89.52%
Iowa 93.42% 78.00% 87.25%
Indiana 93.29% 80.29% 88.09%
Connecticut 91.91% N/A N/A
New Jersey 91.63% 83.45% 88.36%
Average 93.32% 81.71% 88.82%
iNetBet 96.72% 97.70% 97.21%
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Playing at iNetBet is safe, secure and fun: Here at iNetBet an independent Company reviews our algorithms and our Random Number Generator to ensure that our claims are all true, fair and honest.